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We can see that now teenagers are more involved in entertainment activities. It may be normal that today’s teenagers are saturated with numerous practices ofQuicktainment. According to the latest survey, many teenagers in America dedicate their time in societal networking, watching movies, blogging, playing games, shopping, listening and singing music, and making fun of strangers. They also entertain themselves by imagining about their heroes or idols. Their everyday actions are generally associated with entertainment.
Entertainment sources for teenagers:
When we talk about entertainment, we can say that internet and television is an important source to get entertain teenagers. These two sources play a key role in defining a teenager’s lifestyle. These days movies and dramas are prevalent among teenagers. They watch dramas without missing a single episode. They watch movies with curiosity for two hours as a usual time of a movie is roughly about two hours, they find these two hours as a very long duration to read out even a single topic of biology or any their subject related topic. When teenager’s gives excessive time to watching movies and dramas, then they have very little time to study and other important activities in their lives.
Teenagers need parental guidance:
As we all know and can identify that various movies which are made today, are bad and not right for our teenagers. It essential for teenagers, to watch movies and dramas under the supervision of their parents, because bad movies have an impact of teen’s lifestyles and gives immoral effects on the behaviors or activities of the teenagers. So, it is the responsibility of the parents of looking after them and guides them in order to watch movies.
Fascinated by their idols’ appearance:
Teenagers are fascinated by the looks or expressions of their idols. They want to be like their idols, as their idols dress up, talk or walk. If they follow their idols, they will become attractive and get attention of their school fellows and friends. Entertainment also enhances individual’s self confidence level.

Teenagers and Drug Abuse Essay

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It has been discovered that most people who struggle with drug addiction began experimenting with drugs in their teens. Teenage drug abuse is one of the largest problems in society today and the problem grows and larger every year. Drugs are a pervasive force in our culture today. To expect kids not to be influenced by the culture of their time is as unrealistic as believing in the tooth fairy (Bauman 140). Teens may feel pressured by their friends to try drugs, they may have easy access to drugs, they may use drugs to rebel against their family or society, or they may take an illegal drug because they are curious about it or the pleasure that it gives them. After interviewing my teenage cousin whom has been in several altercations…show more content…

My teenage cousin advised me that after she passed the stage of being pressured by her peers to use drugs and alcohol, she began using it to make her feel better because she was suffering from depression. Depression is the result of chemical imbalance and environmental influence. Drugs and alcohol are the most readily available methods of emotional anesthesia, if not on hand; they would find a substitute (Henican 141). She would use drugs when she would think about her incarcerated dad that has been in and out of her life from birth. Her family members would try to encourage her and would often tell her, “If you continue to do the things that you are doing, you will end up like your dad incarcerated.” She rebels against her mother and stepfather when they try to correct her and discipline her. She doesn’t like to follow the rules at home or school and acts like she doesn’t do anything wrong. Something psychologically is really going on with her mentally, that is one of the side effects that drugs causes. Seeing there is no way out feeling lonely like no one cares and no prospects for improvement leads to depression. Depression is something that many teens deal with during their lives. Some teens isolate themselves from their families by going in their rooms, staying out late, not eating and a bad grade or because of an argument with parents or friends – they may use more drugs than

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