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From the March 2018 issue

Hybrid Obfuscation to Protext Against Disclosure Attacks on Embedded Microprocessors

By M. Fyrbiak, S. Rokicki, N. Bissantz, R. Tessier and C. Paar

The risk of code reverse-engineering is particularly acute for embedded processors which often have limited available resources to protect program information. Previous efforts involving code obfuscation provide some additional security against reverse- engineering of programs, but the security benefits are typically limited and not quantifiable. Hence, new approaches to code protection and creation of associated metrics are highly desirable. This paper has two main contributions. We propose the first hybrid diversification approach for protecting embedded software and we provide statistical metrics to evaluate the protection. Diversification is achieved by combining hardware obfuscation at the microarchitecture level and the use of software-level obfuscation techniques tailored to embedded systems. Both measures are based on a compiler which generates obfuscated programs, and an embedded processor implemented in an FPGA with a randomized Instruction Set Architecture (ISA) encoding to execute the hybrid obfuscated program. We employ a fine-grained, hardware-enforced access control mechanism for information exchange with the processor and hardware-assisted booby traps to actively counteract manipulation attacks. It is shown that our approach is effective against a wide variety of possible information disclosure attacks in case of a physically present adversary. Moreover, we propose a novel statistical evaluation methodology that provides a security metric for hybrid-obfuscated programs.

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operating system research papers 2015 IEEE PAPER

A Case for Transforming Parallel Runtimes Into Operating System Kernels
free download
ABSTRACT The needs of parallel runtime systems and the increasingly sophisticated languages and compilers they support do not line up with the services provided by general- purpose OSes. Furthermore, the semantics available to the runtime are lost at the system-

EbbRT: A Customizable Operating System for Cloud Applications
free download
Abstract Efficient use of hardware requires operating system components be customized to the application workload. Our general purpose operating systems are ill-suited for this task. We present EbbRT, a new operating system that enables per-application customizations

Nested Kernel: An Operating System Architecture for Intra-Kernel Privilege Separation
free download
Abstract Monolithic operating system designs undermine the security of computing systems by allowing single exploits anywhere in the kernel to enjoy full supervisor privilege. The nested kernel operating system architecture addresses this problem by nesting a small

Is Linux a better desktop operating system than Microsoft Windows
free download
When we hear the name �Linux we usually think about an operating system for nerds and other people with too much free time. Well, that's only partially true since Linux itself isn't an

Operating System Security
free download
No sharing Every process completely isolated Virtualization illustrates this approach Sharing originals of program or data files Read-only access to program Sharing data requires locking mechanisms Confined, or memoryless, subsystems No transfer of

Argo: An Exascale Operating System and Runtime
free download
Exascale supercomputers are expected to comprise hundreds of thousands of heterogeneous compute nodes linked by complex networks. Those compute nodes will have an intricate mix of general-purpose multi-cores and special-purpose accelerators

Integrating Application-Oriented Middleware into the Android Operating System
free download
Abstract:As mobile devices are becoming more advanced in technology, the type of software they are able to process develops from simple apps to complex applications. Fortunately, a main area in software engineering research is dedicated to examining the

A Preliminary Review on Trusted Operating System
free download
Abstract: Operating systems are at the heart of security systems for modern computers. Operating systems must provide mechanisms for both separation and sharing, mechanisms that must be robust and yet easy to use. Developing secure operating systems involves

Performance Enhancing in Real Time Operating System by Using HYBRID Algorithm
free download
Abstract:The Real Time Operating System (RTOS) supports applications that meet deadlines, in addition to provides logically correct it's outcome. In multitasking operating system for the applications request to meeting of time deadlines and functioning in proper

Efficient intra-operating system protection against harmful DMAs
free download
Abstract Operating systems can defend themselves against misbehaving I/O devices and drivers by employing intra-OS protection. With strict intra-OS protection, the OS uses the IOMMU to map each DMA buffer immediately before the DMA occurs and to unmap it

Operating System Support for Mobile Robot Swarms
free download
ABSTRACT In this paper, we present an operating system for mobile robot swarms. Three main issues are addressed here: First, the programming abstraction is introduced that states the model based on which swarm applications are developed. They consist of spatial-

An Exploratory Study of the Preparedness of Indian IT Organisations for Installing the DualOperating System
free download
A dual operating system in an organisations is helpful in understanding the endurance levels of the organisation to absorb and deal with change. It works in tandem with the existing operating system and focusses on creating strategic initiatives. The dual

A Billboard Manager Based Model That Offers Dual Features Supporting Cloud Operating System And Managing Cloud Data Storage
free download
Abstract With an increasing focus on mobility and an innate desire to access data and information efficiently and as quickly as possible, users are turning to technologies that can service their needs with the minimum of fuss and a high degree of reliability. In this paper,

High Secure Mobile Operating System Based on a New Mobile Internet Device Hardware Architecture
free download
Abstract Mobile Internet as a new information and communication technology is growing fast. The security challenges facing from the Mobile Internet come from the mobile devices and access networks. A new Mobile Internet device architecture is proposed in this paper.

Towards an Enterprise Operating System�Requirements for Standardisation
free download
Abstract This paper tentatively presents a proposal to develop an Enterprise Operating System (EOS), with the focus on the requirements for potential standardisation. The proposed EOS will behave in the same way as an Operating System of the computer, but

Data control in virtual honeynets based on operating system-level virtualization
free download
Abstract:A virtual honeynet plays a very important role in modern network security. Data control within should be able to ensure the honeypots cannot be used to attack other systems and computer networks. Also, the data control should be invisible for an attacker.

Web Operating System impediments
free download
Abstract: WebOS is a newly emerging Operating System, accessible via a browser, with multiple integrated built-in applications that allow the user to easily manage and organize her/his data from any location. You can use your desktop as a virtual desktop on the web.

Research on Operating System Security Technology
free download

A Bibliography of Publications about the ATT Plan 9 Distributed Operating System
free download

free download
ABSTRACT The number of mobile devices used daily all around the world is growing every day. Mobile devices have become smart and, thus, suffer intrusion attempts. Although different antivirus software is being developed, it does not provide overall security. That is

Genode Operating System Framework
free download
The Genode OS framework is a tool kit for building highly secure special-purpose operating systems. It scales from embedded systems with as little as 4 MB of memory to highly dynamic general-purpose workloads. Genode is based on a recursive system structure.

System configuration of vf control with solar PV generator operating at MPPT with a battery storage System
free download
Abstract:Microgrid concept allows small distributed energy resources (DERs) to act in a coordinated manner to provide a necessary amount of active power and ancillary service when required. This system proposes an approach of coordinated and integrated control

A Novel 3D Camera Based Supervision System for Safe Human-Robot Interaction in theOperating Room
free download
Abstract:In anticipation of upcoming technological advances in the operating room, it is necessary to already give thought to how humans and robots can safely interact and cooperate in the operating room of the future. In this paper, we present a supervision

The Android-A Widely Growing Mobile Operating System With its Mobile based Applications
free download
Abstract-Android operating system is one of the most widely used mobile Operating System these days and also enhancing its use for making betterment in different areas of life. Android mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel and is developed by

Reenix: Implementing a Unix-Like Operating System in Rust
free download
Abstract This paper describes the experience, problems and successes found in implementing a unix-like operating system kernel in rust. Using the basic design and much of the lowest-level support code from the Weenix operating system written for CS167/9 I

Effects of Battery Energy Storage System on the Operating Schedule of a Renewable Energy Based Tou Rate Industrial User under Competitive Environment
free download
ABSTRACT With increasing development of smart grid and restructuring of the power industry, the problem of operating schedule for a time-of-use (TOU) rate industrial customer may become a more important issue due to the inclusion of the variations in the TOU rate

Computer Simulation of Complex Power System Faults under various Operating Conditions
free download
Abstract A power system is normally treated as a balanced symmetrical three-phase network. When a fault occurs, the symmetry is normally upset, resulting in unbalanced currents and voltages appearing in the network. For the correct application of protection

A Novel Approach to Develop Dynamic Portable Instructional Operating System for Minimal Utilization.
free download
Abstract: Most well-known instructional Operating Systems (OSs) are complex, particularly if their companion software is taken into account. It takes considerable time and effort to craft these systems and their complexity may introduce maintenance and evolution problems.

free download
This chapter begins by introducing the relationships between hardware and software security in section 2. 2. This material is central to the remainder of the discussion. We then review existing kernel architectures, including the separation kernel architecture, in sectio

Design of an Intelligent System Operating Based on Radio Waves for Detecting of Gas Emissions
free download
Abstract:This system can fully prevent from human and financial losses that may cause by a variety of toxic and flammable gases. Its application of this system is in residential, commercial office, factories and etc. The mechanism of system is by radio waves. This

Performance Analysis of the Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) System under Engine VariousOperating Conditions
free download
Abstract:Though experiments, variation of a diesel engine exhaust energy is studied, a set of ORC system is designed and set up. The variation of running performance of an ORC (organic Rankine cycle) system under engine varying working conditions is analyzed, the

Performance Analysis of Concentrated Cogeneration System under Different OperatingConditions
free download
Abstract In this study, performance analysis of concentrated cogeneration system was carried out through experimental and numerical data. Comparative study was performed by varying the temperature and mass flow rate of heating medium. It was known that greater

free download
ABSTRACT This paper presents dc photovoltaic pumping system. The system consists of photovoltaic (PV) generator, boost converter and permanent magnet (PM) dc motor-pump set. Each part of the system is modelled. Photovoltaic generator parameters are extracted

Decision Support System for Estimating Operating Costs and Break-Even Units of Farm Machinery
free download
Abstract Farm machinery costs make up a significant part of the operating and overhead costs of any farm operation. If the capital invested in a machine is to be used efficiently, that machine must be used over enough hectares or for enough hours to have costs

The UNIX/Linux Operating System Networking/Internet
free download
The Internet network is a hierarchical network of thousands of networks involving millions of host computers and tens of millions of users from over 100 countries. In March 1997, the one- millionth domain name was registered (from Internet World, October 1997 issue)�nrc. ca is

Sizing of a Domestic Hot Water Heating and Storage System for Short Operating Cycles-A Theoretical Approach
free download
Abstract A methodology for the sizing of domestic hot water heating and storage systems is defined, by assuming an extreme operating condition cycle composed of only two parts, a water consumption period and a system repositioning period. In both parts to respond to

TOPSIS-Approach in Selection of Open Source Operating System with Ideal Solution Optimization
free download
Abstract-Now a day's open source software is widely market dominating product. There are multiple options are available for operating system. In this paper we focused on selection of operating system with the applicability of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis (MCDA). Multi-

Operating Experience Review (OER) and development of Issues Tracking System (ITS) for Jordan Research Training Reactor (JRTR)
free download
The operation of the Jordan Research and Training Reactor which Korean consortium designs will start in March 2015. Though the power level of JRTR is different from the one of HANARO, a Korean research reactor, experience and expertise gained from the

USB in a microkernel based operating system
free download
ABSTRACT This paper provides an introduction in using USB in a microkernel operating system. This paper also contains a small introduction in USB and microkernels for better

Evaluation of the Contiki operating system
free download
Abstract This paper describes the architecture of the lightweight, open source and highly portable Contiki OS. It explains techniques such as protothreads,preemptive multi- threading or rime in more detail.Protothreads in combination with event timers are

Implementation of Pipes for the Ulix Operating System
free download
Abstract Ulix is a Unix-like operating system specially designed for educational purposes. In Unix, pipes are used for inter-process communication. While anonymous pipes only reside in memory, named pipes are represented as special files in the file system. The thesis

Design, Implementation and Evaluation of the ULIX Tea ing Operating System
free download
Abstract For this thesis, we have implemented and documented U, a Unix-like instructional operating system whose kernel sources consist of 7750 lines of C and Assembler code. e system supports concurrent processes and threads, implements a

Hephaestus: a Rust runtime for a distributed operating system
free download
This dissertation describes the process of adding support for using the high-level programming language Rust 1 to Dios, a distributed operating system for data centres. As a result of my work, programs can be written in far fewer lines and with a much reduced risk

Main Circuit Parameters Design of DC Operating Power Supply based on Electric System
free download
Abstract The phase-shifted full bridge zero voltage soft switch (ZVS) topology of 2.2 KW electric operation power supply is analyzed in brief. Then, parameters of main circuit are designed and selected. At the same time, the high frequency transformer and the

Operating the NPP with Hydro Thermal Coordination in a Complex Power System
free download
Abstract. The paper presents the model for power plants operation in a complex power system. According the mathematical model, the software tool can be applied for different analyses and needs of the operators of power plants or power system operators. The



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